Potty Training with Pull-Ups! Share Your First Flush Story and You Could Win Madisyn - Jennifer Brockman
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Potty Training with Pull-Ups! Share Your First Flush Story and You Could Win

Potty training is a huge step for both parents and toddlers.  For me it’s really made me stop and think, my daughter is growing up.  She isn’t a baby anymore; she’s growing up into a big girl.  If I don’t spend my time right, and soak up all that I can, one day I am going to look back and wish that I had. Potty Training doesn’t come easy to parents or children.  I think it’s often harder for us as parents to wait for our children to experience their First Flush!  I have been working with my daughter for a long time, thank goodness I have never pushed potty training.  

Potty Training with Pull-Ups! Share Your First Flush Story and You Could Win Madisyn - Jennifer Brockman

I believe pushing would have made the experience not as fun as it is now.  Potty training has to be rewarding, and fun.  It’s rewarding not only for our toddlers, but us as parents.  We’re watching our children grow up and getting ready for the day of NO MORE DIAPERS! Many of you may have read our first post back in December, We’re Partying with Pull Ups First Flush Style So Can You. If not go back and check it out, there’s plenty of fun information.  We’ll be back with some great latest information. On January 29th, Pull-Ups will be having an awesome potty-training celebration in Times Square to help parents and toddler’s kick-off some Potty Training!  There’s going to be a HUGE POTTY, live performers, and an amazing light up billboard celebration! Parents and their toddlers can experience the excitement firsthand, as they step into the world of Potty Training.  One of the biggest milestones in a child’s transition from baby to Big Kid!  It’s time to gear up to celebrate their First Flush! Pull-Ups is asking parents to step up and share their tot’s First Flush celebration moment! 

Parents willing to share their “First Flush” stories have a chance on being features on the Time Square billboard during the First Flush celebration that will be happening on January 29, 2013!  You’ll also be entered for a chance to win a trip to the most magical place in the whole wide world! Don’t miss out on your chance to share your child’s First Flush!  You can share your First Flush Story Pull-Ups Facebook Page!  It’s fun and easy, enter your personal information, your First Flush story, and upload a photo!  You got this, hurry over and share your story, help others get motivated and start their adventure into potty training! We’ve been working on Potty Training!  Mattie has been doing well, she is a little stubborn.  HUMMM, I wonder where she gets that….   I have learned that being excited helps, she loves it when we’re excited for her. Every single day is an adventure.  Something I have learned is do not push them, they will take steps when they are ready.  We are here to support and encourage them. 

Potty Training with Pull-Ups! Share Your First Flush Story and You Could Win Madisyn - Jennifer Brockman

give high fives, and do the potty dance, sing the song.  Yes, we have a song, and it’s a huge celebration when Mattie makes the move to the potty, and flushes.  The whole house stops when Mattie says the magic words.  “Mom, I need to use the big girl potty.”  Everyone runs, where is her seat cover? Another thing we have learned, where a child does their business is important.  Mattie doesn’t want to be different from her big sisters.  Yes, all that money I spent on training potties.  Let’s just say I should have waited before I bought that awesome princess potty that makes cool noises and talks when she “flushes”, lol.  There’s nothing better than being able to sit on the big kid potty, flush on your own, be like your big sisters, and to get high fives, sing the potty song, and do the potty dance. I don’t think it will be much longer and we will be diapers free!  However, we are not pushing!  We are supporting and encouraging, never getting upset where there’s accidents.  The last thing we want to do is make her scared to make a mistake, she’s trying, and we back her 100%!  We sing and dance a whole lot!  I actually caught dad doing the potty dance,

YOU GO DADDY SHAKE THAT BUM! “Go Little Mattie, You Can Do It!” If having a child has made me realize anything, it’s that life is short.  It’s important that we spend our time focusing on the important things such as: spending time with our children, making sure they know we love them, that they have what they need, hugging them, kissing the, reading to them, that they are healthy, and in the end knowing we did everything with love.  My daughter walking was a huge milestone, now we’re talking about potty training.  Where does the time go?  I don’t know, but it passes us by fast so it’s important to make the most of it.  In the end our children will not remember what brand of clothes they had, but they will remember how much time we spent with them, what we did, and how it made them feel. 

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