Mothers Day Recipe Dish Towel

Mothers Day Recipe Dish Towel

I love Mother’s Day; is my favorite holiday of the year because of the awesome Mother’s Day crafts.  Not because I get all kinds of fancy gifts, but simply because I get handmade gifts from the heart.

Mothers Day Recipe Dish Towel

Mothers Day Recipe Dish Towel

Every Mothers Day my children ask me what I was them to buy me.  Nothing, I do not want them to spend any money on me.  I let my husband know not to let them buy anything from the kids on Mothers Day.

My children always surprise me with an awesome Mothers Day craft; it is so special to me.  They always do such an amazing job on their holiday crafts, and I am very lucky to have the family I have.  My husband is also a sweetheart; he helps find crafts for children.

Every year they come home from school with awesome Mothers Day gifts that mean so much more than anything bought.  I wanted to share an awesome Mothers Day craft from the children did for me last year.

Mothers Day Craft – Recipe Dish Towel

What you need to make a Recipe Towel

  • Colored Markers
  • White or light-colored cotton dish towel
  • Letter sized piece of paper
  • Make sure you have a copy shop that does iron-on’s

How to make this awesome Mother’s Day Craft

  1. Wash and dry your cotton dish towel
  2. Pick mom’s favorite recipe
  3. On the piece of paper have your child draw moms favorite recipe after it is all cooked and finished. Cover as much of the paper as possible, leaving only room for the recipe.
  4. You or your child now write the recipe on the room you left on the paper.  Include all of the recipe, only the ingredients whatever you want to make it special for mom.
  5. Don’t forget to make sure and have your child sign and date the picture, for memories.
  6. Take the paper and have the copy shop and have them transfer the picture onto an iron on patch.  Have the iron-on patch mad about half the size of the original picture
  7. Take the iron-on patch home and iron it onto the towel
  8. Give the Mothers Day craft to mom

This is a Mother’s Day craft you can get creative with and make your own.  If you want to make it a funny Mother’s Day craft.  Rather than helping your child write the recipe, let her write what she thinks goes in it.

Last year my no 7-year-old, made up the recipe.  Talk about funny, she wrote a recipe for brownies.  These magical brownies were made with peanut butter and jelly, skittles, milk, salt, pepper, chocolate kisses, flour, cotton and a little bit of Pepsi.  One of my favorite candies is Skittles the rest Vayda loves.

Children come up with some crazy stuff, but it is from the heart every time, and it means more than any purchased Mother’s Day gift.  I hope you enjoy this awesome Mother’s Day craft.

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